More About Me

A California native, Joseph was born in Los Angeles, grew up in Apple Valley until age 21, then made Orange County his home. He lives and sells real estate in the Orange County area, and though he has also sold in other counties, his focus is on OC market because he knows the streets, the inventory, the local eateries, the people and what they like.

Joseph handles all property types, yet concentrates in off-markets which his clientele seeks. “They want something that is not known to the public,” he says, “something unique and exclusive. I work very hard to get the best price for every client, and do everything in my power to ensure their satisfaction whether they are purchasing or selling a home or investment.”

All his clients appreciate his dedication, attention, and ability to follow up with them about every step of the process. Whether it’s a phone call about an open house or what offers buyers have submitted, they know what is happening at all times and are always apprised. Joseph also receives lots of compliments about his honesty, and the fact that he never sugarcoats a situation to earn business. He tells the situation like it is, and lets client make the best decisions for their needs and comfort level.

A graduate of CSULA with a Bachelor’s in Chemistry degree, Joseph worked in a high school in China for seven years where he learned how to teach and discovered his passion for communicating with people. Before becoming an agent, he loved doing public speeches in Toastmaster in Shenzhen which afforded him the gift of confidence.

Joseph believes in investing in real estate in which he also takes part. He speaks Arabic and Chinese besides his first language, English. Some of his favorite things in life are working out, coffee, and eating tacos on Taco Tuesday.


Arabic, English